Odd Taxi Anime

A new website launched on Friday announced a new original anime titled Odd Taxi, which will premiere on Tokyo and AT-X in April. The website reveals anime promotional videos, teaser visuals, cast, staff, and manga adaptations. The teaser features anthropomorphic characters in a city of neon lights.


The story follows Kotogawa, an eccentric and quiet 41-year-old taxi driver who has no relatives and has little in common with other people. He has conversations with his clients, including a student trying to go viral, a nurse who hides a secret, a failed comedian, a rough road, and a new idol. This conversation led him to a girl who had disappeared.


• Natsuki Hanae as Kotogawa
• Riho Iida as Shirakawa
• Ryohei Kimura as Gо̄riki
• Kappei Yamaguchi as Shika
• Suzuko Mimori as Louis Nikaidо̄
• Moeka Koizumi as Shiho Ichimura
• Manatsu Murakami as Yuki Mitsuya
• Kо̄hei
• Asei
• Yūsuke
• Atsuhiro Tsuda
• Takashi
• Tomoko Murakami
• Keisuke Takai
• Phoenix
• Kenji Hamada as Dob
• Kōdai Sakai as Imai
• Sōma Saitō as Tanaka
• Makoto Furukawa as Yamamoto
• Chado Horii as Sekiguchi
• Takaya Kuroda as Kuroda
• Amane Shiomiya as Kano
• Chika Kagura as Reina
• METEOR as Yano

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The hobby is listening to rakugo on the radio before going to bed. Right now the only people he considers friends are his family doctor Guriki and his classmate Kakihana.
Kabasawa, the student who wants to be heard, Shirakawa, the nurse who is hiding something, the comedian from the unsold Homo Sapiens group, the tool town of Dobu, and the rookie idol group Mystery Kiss – conversations with people who don’t want him must mean a lot, leading to a girl who lost.

About anime:

Manga creator Kazuya Konomoto (Seto Utsumi) writes the anime. Mugita Kinoshita is directing the anime. Norio Nita is the assistant director. Kenji Katо is the art director. Miyabi Amanda is the director of photography. Yoshiki Ushiroda will be credited for processing. Kohei Yoshida is the Director of Sound at Pony Canyon Enterprise. OLM is producing anime. P.I.C.S. will also be credited for the original work and planning.

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Takeichi Abaraya and Konomoto released the manga adaptation (see image above) of the anime on digital manga label Shogakukan Superior Dalpana on Friday.