One Piece Chapter 1003

One Piece returns next Sunday. Let’s see what updates are offered here. Rob Luci is shown feeding pigeons in the garden. On the battlefield, Kaidu unleashed his new attack called Kaifuu, the Wind of Destruction. He sends out an attack on the worst generation and lands on Captain Kidd’s robot. Captain Kidd survived because the robot was made of metal objects. Lufi dodges the attack by jumping and Zoro stops the attack with his sword.

Lufi has been fired and released a new super train called Gomu Gomu no Kong Raifuru. The attack shattered Kaido’s face. Kaido’s head was sent flying and Captain Kidd grabbed Kaido’s neck. Suddenly, Captain Kidd hit Kaido with a Gibson helmet. You use a special train called Room and transfer it to Kaido. Lowe comments that the dragon’s heart must be nearby and that he wants to see the dragon’s internal organs because he has never seen one.

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Release date of Chapter 1003:

Chapter 1003 of a drama will be released on Sunday, February 7, 2021. As soon as spoilers are released for an upcoming chapter, we’ll let you know. After Pice recently returned from a week-long break. Remember that every Sunday you will be notified of the latest developments. You can also read the latest spoilers from the manga here: One Piece Chapter 1002 Spoiler.

Previously in One Piece chapter 1002:

Lowe cuts Kaido with a gamma knife and Kaidu screams in pain, but the knife doesn’t go deep and is badly injured. Kaido comments that the dumb kids have also investigated how hard their skin is and that they aren’t all tough idiots for free. The assassin glided over Kaidou’s body as he released Kamaa Sonic, known as Skeet Sonic. The blade had been shown to appear with great power, but this seemed like an illusion.

Sword style:

The knife cut deep into Kido’s body and damaged his organs. Big Mom noticed this and attacked the assassin with a super pull called Indra, the power drum. Great mother comments that since she is under heaven, no one will escape punishment. Kaidu opened his mouth to swallow the killer, who fell to the ground. Lufi comes to the rescue and attacks Kaido with Gomo Gomo but with Reno Schneider. Zoro noticed that Kaido was going to hit Luffy with Bolo’s Breath.

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Rubber Man:

A thunderstorm rose from the sky and was like an attack on Enels Mamaraga. But Thundermother’s attack has a soul in it. You can move and destroy anything anywhere. The attack hit Luffy, Zorro, Lowe and Kidd. When Luffy jumped back into the middle, Big Mon was surprised by the way he did it. Big mom asks Luuf why the attack didn’t work for him.