One Piece Chapter 998


First, let’s take a look at the latest evolution of the upcoming one-piece head spoiler. Here are the latest updates and spoilers from chapters 997 and 998 released two weeks later. Since Sangji loves women, Black Mary’s colleagues try to seduce him with a romantic voice in order to trap him.

Suddenly, the upper limb is trapped in a cobweb and surrounded by Black Mary and his people, who look like Japanese demons. Meanwhile, two new Shinu Chi were blocking the stairs to the 3rd and 4th floors. There is poker, a smiling rattlesnake user, and Miserka, a smiling gorilla girl. The samurai dug a hole in the ground, Luffy and Jinbe ignored the poker and Mizeka. While Jinbe and Luffy offered a ladder to get to the fourth floor. Meanwhile, Big Mom used the hole made when Kaido climbed up. He went upstairs from the top floor of Onigashima.

One Piece Chapter 998 Release Date

One Piece chapter 998 will be released on VIZ on Sunday, December 13th at 02:00. This post contains spoilers for the next chapter. It’s been a week since One Piece 997 artist came out this Sunday.

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One Piece Chapter 998 Spoilers

Zoro realized that something had fallen and that it was Kiku’s hand. Zorro then became angry and approached Apu, who had been fighting against X Drake. He entered the battle, unlocked the One Sword: Ittryuu style, and defeated App. Zorro decided to leave everything in Chopper’s hands after providing the antibodies. The helicopters show that the virus has combined with the gas cooling the body. To prevent the spread of the virus, infected people can warm themselves up by the fire. He then instructed everyone to warm up by preparing an antidote. Brave Doctor Chopper decided to help anyone heal his enemies. Quinn will stop Chopper from treating people with bazooka shots.

Zorro intervened and sent lightning from the sword that destroyed the bazooka.  All of a sudden, the entire Onigashima Island begins to shake, and Brook thinks Zoro is not Zoro. But Zoro is using Cha Oshoku’s hockey. Zoro tried to rise, but the king and queen were still blocking his way. Marco flies into the room and decides to help. Yamato took Momonosuke to the port. Yamato revealed that Momonosuke’s life is very important to Bano Kuni and will help her escape. Oddly enough, when we approached the port, there were no ships or seas. The earthquake was triggered by Kaido, who used Homuragumo’s burning cloud to lift the entire Onigashima into the sky. His power shook the entire island and sent them to Bano Kuni, the capital of color. The last Kaido stands alone: “Let’s start the ‘world of violence.’