Outer Banks Season 2

Josh Pate, Shannon Burke, and Jonas Pate have created the teen drama series called Outer Banks. The show aired on Netflix on 15th July 2020. The show had elements of adventure and mystery that intrigued the viewers, so many are hoping for another season. Rotten Tomatoes have bestowed favorable reviews for the series. The show succeeds in creating a summer feeling while maintaining a strong sense of adventure. Netflix has scored yet another great series and it has made a mark on all of the charts around the world. The first season had ten episodes that made the audience want a summer romance.

What is the plot?

The show is concerned with a group of teenagers called “Pogues”. They all live at the Cut and they are searching for the missing father of one of their members, John B. This search makes them come across a treasure that may be linked to the missing father. The show establishes the socioeconomic divides with the wealthy rival group called “Kooks”. The series deals with love, friendship as well as drugs and fighting. The show ended with very dramatic final episodes and fans are eager for more. No one would have been satisfied with the season one finale, especially when the Pogues made the discovery of gold in the Royal Merchant.

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When will the next season come out?

Netflix has formally announced the return of the show on 24th July. The fans can rest easy. However, there is no news when the production work will begin. COVID-19 has halted all the filming of many shows and movies and Outer Banks is no exception. Probably the series will return to our screen next year. But there’s news that the new season might be filmed in the Bahamas! Jonas Pate has also revealed in an interview that the show might have more than two seasons. When they started to make the series, it had seemed to them as a series consisting of three to four seasons. So, hopefully, the creators will get a chance to tell their stories.