Outmatched Season 2

Lon Zimmet created a sitcom called Outmatched for Fox Broadcasting company. It was premiered on 23rd January 2020. Johnathan Judge directed the series. It had 10 episodes with each episode having a running time of 21 to 23 minutes. Unfortunately, it didn’t have a lot of good ratings. It only got 22% approval ratings (based on 9 reviews) on Rotten Tomatoes.

What was the story about?

The show featured a couple in Atlantic City trying to manage life while raising four kids. The twist in the plot is that three of those children happen to be geniuses. The show is centered around Cay and Mike. Cay is a casino pit boss and she is married to Mike, a handyman. They are people who barely managed to tackle high school but they have the pleasure of raising kids with very high IQs. Outmatched shows the audience about their struggle to maintain normalcy in their lives. After all, there is a particular guide on how to raise geniuses.

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Will the show make a comeback?

There is an overabundance of comedy shows. Some shows are lucky enough to survive till season 5 or 6. But, sadly, Outmatched is not one of them. The viewership of the series dropped through season 1 and the series is not getting a chance for another season. Probably the show is going to get the ax but there is no official news yet. If they decided to go ahead with the series, the second season would not see the light of day before 2021.

Cast Of Outmatched Season 2

If Fox decides to go ahead with another season against all odds, the cast for season 2 might include all the actors for the major characters in the previous season.
• Jason Briggs as Mike
• Maggie Lawson as Kay
• Tisha Campbell-Martin as Rita
• Finesse Mitchell as Irwin
Even if the show doesn’t have another season, ardent fans may want to check out shows like “Raising Hope”, “Man with a Plan”, “Young Sheldon”. Perhaps the show did not have good ratings because of the timing despite the good plot.