Over The Moon (2020)

Is there a possibility of ‘Over The Moon 2’?

The classical Chinese myth “Over the Moon” brings animation to life. The piece revolves around a young girl who builds a rocket ship to prove the real fable of Change, the moon goddess. 

Film’s Release Date

A week before its release on Netflix on 23 October 2020, ‘Over the Moon’ premiered at the Montclair Film Festival. This family-friendly click has a unique rotation in the adventure genre and has received mostly good reviews for this reason. No news about a sequel is available today. 

The cast of Over the Moon 2

The voice behind Fei Fei is Cathy Ang, while her Ba Ba is John Cho. Sandra Oh, who is Ba Ba’s love interest (after his wife’s death), features as Frau Zhong and Robert G. Chiu, her son, Chin. The reason the little girl wants to visit the Moon is that she processes the death of her mother (Ruthie Ann Miles).

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Philip Soo, who has given her voice to the moon goddess’s role said; “We believe that these actors will resume their roles in the event of a sequel”. Fei Fei meets an alien dog named the Gobi, spoken by Ken Jeong during her adventure.

Sequel Plot: What can it be? 

We meet Fei Fei, her Ba Ba, and her mother in ‘Over the Moon,’ who often tells the children Change story. The fable is that a beautiful warrior had been loved by the goddess. Sadly, she drank and was cut off from him with a magic potion. Now she is awaiting her love on the moon. This sad story is in the love of Fei Fei’s innocent little heart, and she truly thinks the myth roots in reality. After her mother’s death, Fei Fei is even harder to hold on to this cherished tale. Soon, Ba Ba found a possible partner in Mrs. Zhong, with whom the protagonist did not get along for numerous reasons. When Fei Fei realizes that the woman could be her new parent, her determination to aid the goddess is reinforced. So, the little girl builds a space ship, and the rest of the film tends to follow her on a life-long excursion. In the sequel, the story would revolve around how Fei Fei grows older.

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Grief is difficult to process, particularly when you’re a kid. So, the narrative could concentrate further on the emotional dimension of Fei Fei’s personality and how the journey impacted her life afterward. On the other hand, there is an avenue in which moviemakers could also choose to pursue both these Chinese myths that are not widespread. The scope of the storyline is abundant, and with time, the sequel’s path will be revealed, and when it is shot.