Pacific Rim Season 1

The first film in the Pacific is a missed opportunity in my opinion. Giant robots battling huge demons for the destiny of the world? Yes, please sign me up! Unfortunately, despite some doping drive and a compelling look at “Mental Strength Is the Key to Heroism,” I found it to be a slogan, a daunting and shared journey through the tropics we have seen many times before. But that never stopped the original idea from exploring, which is why I prefer the Pacific Rim sequel: Uprising. The exponential rate of growth and exploration in the premise of this franchise has me excited about the upcoming anime series Pacific Rim: The Black. And if you’re happy, we’ve got some of the first images for the Netflix series below.

Brought to you by Craig Kyle (Thor: Ragnarok) and Greg Johnson (TV series Rocketeer), this series is focused on Australia. When the Kaiju take over the continent, the two siblings find a creaking old Jaeger robot to fly with, find their lost parents, and maybe just save the world. Produced by the production company of the original Legendary Entertainment franchise and animation company Polygon Pictures (Godzilla: The Planet Eater), this record sounds like a triumph of what I think is most interesting about Jaeger’s mechanics: the human relationships our greatest strengths. With such family-based outsiders, outsiders take on a narrative drive – combined with these visual effects – Pacific Rim: The Black is perhaps my favorite entry into the franchise.