Paquita Salas Season 6

Paquita Salas

Paquita Salas is an online Spanish comedy TV series produced by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrosi. In July 2016, it first premiered on the web platform Flooxer. After the series’ astounding success, it was eventually broadcasted on the TV channel Neox.

In October 2017, Netflix purchased the series and renovated it for the second and third seasons. The second season premiered on June 29, 2018. As a result, the third edition aired on June 28, 2019. And now they are here with their sixth season!

All the new updates!

Paquita Salas is an award-winning comedy set by Javier Ambrosi and Javier Calvo, produced in Madrid. When we saw Paquita Salas in the end, she purchased and closed her firm down after several attempts were made to attract new customers to it. Paquita will return from retirement in Stage 3 with a more modest institution (or more ‘gourmet’, as she says). Once back in business, all characters realize how difficult it is to reinvent themselves. While Paquita is left to face the world of influencers and short films.

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The latest season of Paquita Salas will have six episodes, up from last season 5. The show will see the reversion of regular series. And the cast will include Belen Cuesta (Magüi, Lidia San Jose), Alan Lucas (Álex, Yolanda Ramos), and Anna Castillo (Belén de Lucas). Terelu Campos, Canguros, who popped up as the holder of B-Fashion, is the owner of The biggest showroom in Spain. He also is Magüi’s potential new boss. Terelu plays a big part in the story arc of the finale for the latest season.

The plotline of the series.

Paquita Salas is a successful talent agent who is fighting because of its outdated professional style, as the company PS Management. When Paquita’s most famous customer leaves her, the world crashes. Alongside her loyal assistant Magüi and desk handyman Álex, Paquita is forced to reignite her hunt for new skills.

The cast of the show

  • Brays Efe as Paquita Salas
  • Belén Cuesta as Magüi Moreno
  • Lidia San José as Lidia San José
  • Mariona Terés as Mariona Terés 
  • Álex de Lucas as Álex de Lucas 
  • Anna Castillo as Belén de Lucas 
  • Yolanda Ramos as Noemí Argüelles
  • Belinda Washington as Belinda Washington 
  • Terelu Campos as Bárbara Valiente