Paranormal Season 2

Paranormal: The first original Egyptian series to air

Season two of paranormality looks like a chance, following its supernatural debut on 5 November on Netflix. The series is a first on the streaming platform. For the new exciting shows in the Middle East for its 2020/2021 programme. has everything you need to know for a possible second season, including date of release, cast and more.

Will there be a Season 2?

This summer, the first news from Paranormal came to light. And the series is based on Egyptian Ahmed Khaled Tawfik’s books. The tale goes along with Refaat Ismail, a cynical doctor (played by Ahmed Amin). He becomes the man of the ordinary to everything. When he begins to experience paranormal activity, his understanding of the world is called into question.

Netflix wanted to feature more Arab content. Therefore, there is a possibility for the series’ renewal. Unfortunately, as the first season has only just been broadcasted, it is too soon to say if a third instalment has the green light. Since the choice is based on the figures seen. But fans have already forecast that the streaming platform will be one of the hits in 2020.

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Paranormal Season 2: ReleaseĀ 

Fans will most likely have to wait for new episodes until 2022. If they’re lucky enough to get Paranormal’s two seasons. With the coronavirus pandemic, production is halted for many series. It is unclear if the creators can start filming the second season. Netflix will also take some time to decide on an investment worth a second season. Since at the end of each quarter the streaming platform analyses viewers. There are high hopes for Egypt’s new series. Since the creators are known for making some of the most successful Arab films and series.

Paranormal Season 2: Plot

The first season starts in 1969 when Refaat Ismail turned 40 and was dubbed in nine languages. In an effort to protect those he loves from harm, he ends up entering a paranormal world with his colleagues. In the second season, the doctor or someone in his family probably will see a time jump. After which paranormal activity begins again.

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Since there are a lot of sources to work with in future seasons because the series is built on books. Fans will have to keep their fingers crossed for renovation. In the first season, the eerie trailer tells the haematologist how nothing is paranormal. But when a series of strange things take place, he is forced to reject his original claims.