Pareeksha The final Test

The immensely talented and versatile Indian film producer, screenwriter, and actor have directed a drama film called “Pareeksha-The Final Test”. Originally the movie was supposed to release in theaters,  but later on, the decision was changed and it will be releasing now on Zee5. In addition to directing the movie,  Prakash Jha has also produced and written the movie.

When will it release?

The much-awaited film will be releasing on 6th August. It was supposed to have a theatrical release but that plan didn’t work out due to the COVID -19 pandemic.  The movie has already been screened at The London Film Festival and it had its premiere at the 50th International Film Festival of India.

What is the story about?

The story is centered around Bucchi.  He is a poor rickshaw puller who dreams of providing his son a decent education. His ambition twists his life and he heads towards a direction that could destroy everything he values in his life. The story is based on a real-life incident. There is an IPS officer called Shri Abhayanand,  who is also the former DGP of Bihar. He provides teaching and coaching services to the children of a village in Bihar. He hopes to lessen the poverty gap by providing them a chance in life. The officer provides tuitions for the preparation of IIT-JEE exams. This movie is a social commentary on how the education system in India only provides good quality education to the privileged rich but conveniently forgets the masses of people who struggle under the poverty line.

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An actor from the film has shared that he is sincerely happy that Pareeksha will be releasing Zee5, so it can be available to a global audience. The subject matter of the film is dear to so many as the quality of education will determine the nature of the future generations of our country. Prakash Jha is known to draw focus on important social issues in his work, and surely,  Pareeksha-The Final Test will not disappoint the audience.