While Soul currently resides in the ghostlike underworld of uncertainties (he still has its date of November 20). Disney and Pixar’s next animated feature, this uncertainty is not enough to slow down the beloved animated studio. They announced that they have their next animated feature, Luca, on 18th June 2021, at the theatres.

What will ‘Luca’ be about?

In a beautiful coastal town on the Riviera of Italy Luca, brings an original animated story. It is a new-age tale about a young boy experiencing an unforgettable time. A summer filled with gelato, grass, and endless scooter rides. This is what Luca shares with his newfound best friend, but the whole fun is under threat of profound confusion. ‘He’s a marine monster from another world just under the surface of the water’. We’ve also heard that the movie is a very cool period adventure (both before and after the Second World War).


It’s all the more marvelous that the movie is led by the deeply talented Enrico Casarosa, who led “La Luna,” 2011 short by Oscar nominees. And since 2017, at least served as part of the studio’s Senior Creative Advisory Board, the so-called Pixar Brain Trust. Andrea Warren who recently produced the underrated Cars 3, will be producing Luca too. (He was also the head of the story on the fabled original version of The Good Dinosaur, under Bob Peterson). Given the number of sequences produced by Pixar in the last few years, this is the company’s 3rd original feature in one row. They show no signs of slowing down! Sounds more dreamy than to visit Luca next summer and then a great Italian restaurant?

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‘Luca’ main character will bring back some memories!

Disney filed a new copyright register with some new information concerning the 2021 release of Luca. The new Pixar film is set on the Riviera of Italy. A global style guide, the paper reveals what seems to be Luca Portorosso’s full name. Portorso’s wordplay is a nod to Porco Rosso, a 1992 movie. It was about an Italian pilot, cursed to live in a pig-like body, after World War I. Director Enrico Casarosa has expressed admiration towards Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, and the Japanese animations. They will inspire Pixar’s new movie. Disney and Pixar have also entered the name ISOLA DEL MARE on the same copyright request. This is probably the place of the story.

Behind the scenes!

Disney and Pixar have also entered the name ISOLA DEL MARE on the same copyright request. This is probably the place of the story. Managed by Enrico Casarosa (La Luna), nominee for Academy Award ®. Pixar’s Luca is the 24th animated feature and will hit the theatres on 18 June 2021.