Play Station 5

The news and the leaks of PS5 created a buzz amongst the gaming community worldwide. PS5 is expected to be the most advanced and most powerful gaming console to date. One of the key upgrades in PS5 is the advanced cooling fans, which are supposed to keep the console in the minimum temperature and noise-free, unlike PS$ which sounded like a jet despite heavy gaming for hours and hours.

Play Station 5
Source: TechGenyz

Advanced cooling fans and fancy lighting system has said to increase the thickness of PS5 console twice as much that of PS4 Pro series.
PS5 was supposed to be released somewhere in June 2020 but has been postponed due to COVID Pandemic.

Play Station 5 Specs

PS5 will be using SSD with a speed of around 5GBps which will load the games 100% faster than the others. Using custom AMD Zen 2 based GPU, at 8 cores with a clock speed of 3.5GHz. Which can make the processing of the graphics as advanced as never seen before.

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PS5 also boasts of a pre-installed 3D surround sound system which will be very helpful for online players of FPS games. According to Sony, PS5 sound technology is so advanced that the player will be able to identify the direction and source of the sound in the game, very easily.

Another key aspect of PS5 is the Dual shock controller with the unique built-in mic, enhanced haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers. PS5 will also have a built-in 4K blue ray player. Another unique feature of PS5 as we know is that it is going to be Backwards Compatible. This means PS5 will not only support titles meant for PS5 but also a major portion of PS4 titles as well. It might also have voice assistance to make everything better.

Another key spec, of course, is the noise-free advanced cooling fan system which will keep the console cool and quiet, unlike its predecessors which made quite a sound when their cooling fans were turned on.
There is no confirmation on the price of PS5, but looking at the specs we can clearly say that it is going to be expensive than its nemesis, Xbox X series.

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Play Station 5 Release date

The console was supposed to be released somewhere in June 2020, but due to a pandemic shutdown, it was postponed. Sony has officially announced that PS5 will be released during the “Holiday Season” which means anytime between October and December. However, a leak suggested the release date to be on 20th November 2020 but there has been no official statement on it yet.