Pokemon Season 2

Pokemon is a familiar name to every child. Fans of this anime were thrilled when it was announced that the episodes will be available for streaming on Netflix. Part one of the Pokemon Journey is already available for streaming on Netflix. Fans are eagerly awaiting the second part of this series. Well, they won’t have to wait too long as the second part will definitely happen on Netflix and it will release soon on Netflix.

What is the story?

The first part of the Pokemon Journeys has already been released on 12th June on Netflix. It consists of 12 episodes. The series features our familiar hero, Ash, as he embarks on an adventure with his best friend Pikachu. A maximum number of Pokemon games are focused on a single region, but this new series has Ash exploring multiple regions and going on a globe-trotting adventure. They are accompanied by Goh. This is a new character, who is ambitious enough to try and capture the famous Pokemon Mew.

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When will the second part be released?

According to Netflix the second part for the Pokemon series will be released on11th September 2020. It will air on a Friday. In this second part, episodes 13 to 24 will be available. This will make the US version lag behind the Japanese one by less than 12 episodes.

Pokemon has been a favorite series for many and it is one of the oldest shows that remains popular to this day and age. The animated series had started way back in 1997 and it has had 23 seasons till now. The episodes are not the only source of content there are many movies too. There is no dearth of content for the fans to devour. The most recent movie centering Pokemon is “Mewtwo strikes back”, which was released this year. This is excellent news because the anime has fallen behind for the international audience earlier, but this won’t be the case when it is streamed on Netflix. Ash has a new desire to fulfill in this series. He has already achieved the status of Pokemon Master and now he wants to travel and fight strong trainers along the way.