Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2

A closer look at the Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 13!

I was struck by how normal everything seemed when watching ‘Finders Keepers’. I don’t mean it’s a normal episode, because it’s obviously not, but how all the Rangers were acting around each other. Sure, the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team met the Dino Charge Rangers with a little surprise, but it was mostly a fact that mattered. 

There’s a problem and to solve it, they need to team-up! I wish there were more teams able to interact in this way. There doesn’t have to be a giant battle to end the world. Sometimes, it is more than enough for the two teams to cross paths. It was really nice to see the team back in action with the Dino Charge. Sure, Riley and Shelby did not show up in person, but it’s not bad for four out of six (of the main team), although I wish they had one of the women to show up. When both teams are standing side by side and Zoey’s the only woman there, it’s particularly jarring. Still, just seeing the battle of the Dino Charge team and their tiny, umorphed scenes put a smile on my face. Whatever you feel about how Dino Super Charge turned out, these characters and actors are a pleasure you can’t deny.

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Despite what I argued in my previous team-up review ‘Dimensions in Danger,’ where I said team-ups should concentrate more on the returning cast, I was actually all for this episode to give Zoey time to shine. It made it seem that this would be a great story for her as it was set up, which would be enhanced by the returning cast.  This is a great way to get a team-up done! While a much smaller team-up, ‘Always a Chance,’ gave Carlos some time to shine and Adam assisted him along the way. This might have been the latest version!

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Unfortunately, though, the episode left Zoey’s plot halfway through the episode and it concentrated more on the spectacle of getting the Dino Charge team into a huge battle. It’s a shame because it was a great emotional hook to feel guilty for losing Keeper to Zoey. When she said she wanted to go away and save him on her own, I wish she had! 

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Then one or more of the Dino Charge Rangers might have helped teach her that she can’t cloud her judgment with her guilt. Hearing that someone like, say, Tyler, who was singularly focused on finding his dad, would not only have made Zoey’s arc more impactful, but a returning cast member would have played a more significant role.