Princess Agent Season 2

Princess Agent Season 2: In the previous history, there was a king who protected everyone from enemies. But now, do you see that person helping others? I think very little. The thoughts will keep coming, but we have a series for our audience that shows that whole point of view, hence the name of the series is ” Princess Agent”.

“Princess Agents” is a Chinese drama. The whole story was written in Chu Tegong Huang Fei’s novel. The screenwriter is Xiao Xiang, who created it. Directed by Wu Jinyuan. Produced by Ma Zhongjuh and Zhao Yifang. Princess Agent consists of 58 uncut episodes and 67 episodes in the TV version. The playing time for each chapter is 45 minutes. In addition, all production work was filmed in China.

Princess Agent Season 2 Characters:


Princess Agent has been a huge success story internationally. The series has grown to become the list of most-watched Chinese dramas of all time. Well, we can say it all happened, most of the credit goes to our characters on the show for their great work. So whether we play the same star or not, we still don’t know. Additionally, for your first name in the role, we have Li Qin, who will play Yuan Chun, Lin Gengxin as Yuwen Yue, Shaw Dou as Yan Xun, and lastly Zhao Liying as Chu Qiao.

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Princess Agent Season 2 Plotline:

At the moment we can’t say anything about Princess Agent Season 2’s plot. But it looks like they’ll continue the same story. As we saw last season, the story ends in stone. We have found that Yun Xing becomes enterprising and cruel when she takes revenge on the things and people she has lost. He always took advantage of their loyalty. After a while we saw A, Chu went looking for Yu when he saw Yu Wen Yue. They both cried, with him, that he was going to die. The two of them were in the water, Yu Wen Yue kept telling him to get out of the water and live his life again. So this is the tension that we, hear, come back to life? Or will he save Yu Koga Yue?

Princess Agent Storyline:

The story is ancient. Ordinary people couldn’t live their lives in peace because some slaves were used to kidnap innocent people and then force them to become slaves. Robbie’s girl named Chu, Kuao. He lived with other slaves and tried to persecute the rich. On the other hand, Prince Yang Xun saved his life.

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Princess Agent Season 2 Release Date:

Unfortunately, we don’t have any official confirmation of the Season 2 release date. But according to sources, Agent Princess Season 2 will be released on July 7, 2021.