Project Power 2

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman have directed the superhero movie called Project Power. Eric Newman had produced the film and the writing was done by Mattson Tomlin. The movie features an unlikely team, consisting of a drug dealer, police officer, and a former soldier, who try to stop a certain pill from being distributed. The user of this pill will have five minutes of superpower. This movie was released by Netflix on 14th August. The cast was wonderful in their performances but the screenplay was not strong enough. The critics gave this movie mixed reviews. There are glowing reviews too in the midst of them. But the overall verdict is undeniably average. Fans are now speculating about the sequel of this movie.

Has Netflix decided on Project Power 2?

To be fair, Netflix puts more weightage on subscribers than critical acclaim, so the streaming giant might decide to go ahead with a second installment if it wishes to. But the film was just released this August so the fans should not expect official news this quickly. It is too early for Netflix to make an announcement of renewal.

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Most superhero movies are angled towards making a sequel but we can’t be sure about this one. Perhaps the Project Power movie is not eager to establish a cinematic universe, unlike other superhero films.

Will there be a second part?

Even though we have mentioned the case of mixed reviews for this movie, the average verdict remains a positive reaction. Project Power has managed to have an approval rating of above 60% in Rotten Tomatoes. But it comes nowhere close to the success of The Old Guard. That movie, unlike Project Power, is definitely going to have a sequel. The main advantage of Project Power is its cast and the subsequent star power it holds. If Netflix is mainly concerned about the amount of streaming that this movie gets, Project Power holds the chance for becoming a huge success because of the cast itself.

When will part 2 be released?

The first part has just made its debut this month. According to the fans, Netflix will not release a second part, if it even decides on a second part, before 2022.