Promised Neverland Season 2

The Promised Neverland Season 2 will finally open in January.

All we know about it so far.

Since the first chilling season of The Promised Neverland in winter 2019, the series has received much attention. Especially with the end of this summer’s mangas and a film to be released in Japan in December. In the face of psychologically exciting expectations from a first arch. The second season is always high, so all we know about this right now.

The plot till now

The first season of the 12th episode covered the whole escape arc, in which Emma, Norman, and Ray discovered the truth. About how they and their brothers were raised in the Grace Field House as cattle. Until one day they were delivered as food for demons. When Emma and Norman found out for the first time that the truth was true about the Grace Field House and her mother Isabella. Consequently, it revealed that Ray has known and acted as a double agent to spy on other children. In order to obtain Isabella’s information and tools.

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The 3 heroes faced difficulty trying to develop a fire escape plan and outsmart Isabella, who is going a long way to keeping them in line. Emma insisted on taking the other children, but Ray was convinced they were only hindered by the younger children. Norman has found a compromise that will prevent all children over the age of six from being sent. Meanwhile, anyone younger is guaranteed a couple more years of their lives in accordance with their system. Through years of Ray’s preparation, Norman has produced his final plan. And, Emma has flawlessly carried out and implemented the plan to escaping Grace Field House successfully.

What can we expect from Season 2?

As Stage 1 isolated from the characters within the House, Stage II will watch the characters discover the wider world of demons. In addition, Norman was shipped off before escaping, so Emma and Ray themselves will lead the escapees. They have to explore unknown territory and try to survive among a whole species that wants to kill them. The children left behind like Phil, have at least two years to ship. As a result, Emma and the rest have only two years to secure their own future.

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The characters are exhausted after the big escape, but they still have a combat spirit. You have lost so much and known about the world so little, but now you must fend for yourself. Optimism from Emma is a strong morale boost, but how will she do in the face of fierce demons? Ray was just told he committed suicide, but now he needs to consolidate himself with a new determination to continue to live. Every character needs to face their daily struggles with the harsh reality of their situation. They don’t know anything about the outside world and therefore their lives and freedom on the journey ahead are trial and error.