Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell have created the movie called “Prospect.” They are responsible for both writing and directing the film. The movie is about a teenage girl and her father traveling to a distant moon. They are going there because they are looking for gems in the forest. The contract for mining gems is certainly not easy to fulfill as the gems happen to be located in the poisonous forest of the alien moon. Once they get on the moon, they are faced with unexpected encounters.

This movie is not new as it is released back on 5th March of 2018. Prospect made its debut at the South by Southwest Film festival and later on it was released in all the cinemas.

What is the verdict?

Everyone is familiar with the review aggregator website called the Rotten Tomatoes. On it, there are about 48 reviews for “Prospect” and most of the reviews are positive. An overwhelming portion of responses, almost 88% praise this movie. Unlike similar films of this genre, Prospect is dependent on character development instead of special effects. This sci-fi movie is refreshing because the style is defined very precisely. That does not imply that this movie does not have its limitations, but those factors only contribute to the attraction. The teenage characters reveal herself to be the toughest person in this film.

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Who are in this movie?

The cast of Prospect includes

  • Sophie Thatcher as Cee
  • Pedro Pascal as Ezra
  • Jay Duplass as Damon
  • Andre Royo as Oruf
  • Sheila Vand as Inumon
  • Anwan Glover as Mikken

What’s the latest news on this movie?

Well, Pedro Pascal is working on something new like his signature role in “The Mandalorian”,. But before that comes out, the audiences will get to see him in Prospect because this film will be on Netflix from November 2020. In Netflix of the United States, the film will reach on 2nd November but the dates for the other regions aren’t confirmed yet. Perhaps, Netflix has more licensed content to offer in the coming months.