PSO2 Episode 4

PSO, “Phantasy Star Online” is the first online RPG for a gaming console. This is the first game featuring players to team up with three other players online. It was a revolutionary game for the players to connect with other players across the world.

PSO2 Episode
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Sonic is the designer of the famous RPG game PSO. Sega published the game for Dreamcast in 2000. 

Earlier, online RPG games such as Diablo and EverQuest released PC only. This was because the consoles of that time didn’t make much use of online gaming features.

Perceiving this as a chance to create a revolution amongst the console players, Sega chairman Isao Okawa released PSO. Since earlier internet connections were very expensive, Isao Okawa personally paid for the internet of the players. He provided a free internet bundle with the Japanese Dreamcasts. This made PSO much more popular in Japan.

“Phantasy Star Online” was an immediate success on its release. It received the Japan Game Award for “Game of the Year”.

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PSO later was revised and released for windows. Later it was re-released on Dreamcasts as version 2 with expanded universe.

With the exit of Sega from the console segment, the game got its platform in Xbox.


“Phantasy Star Online” is an online RPG platform. The game requires the player to team up with three other players. 

The plot sets up on the planet Ragol. The players can move freely across various terrains.

The game consists of characters of different races. Each race has some unique abilities. The players have to be very careful while choosing the characters, as it will determine their course while in the game.

The players can store their money and things they collect during their exploration in hub spaceship Pioneer 2. 

The players fight off the enemies in real-time. 

PSO 2 Episode 4 release updates:

After waiting for a considerable amount of time, The PSO 2 Episode 4 is official.

According to the officials, the development phase of the game is complete and now it is in the beta phase. 

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The game is set to release sometime in August 2020.

Xbox One and PC will be receiving the game soon.

According to the creators, this part of PSO will contain some exciting updates and exciting gameplay.

We hope the new PSO is worth the wait!