Queen of the South

“Queen of the South” is an American crime series. M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller are show developers. The series is an adaptation of the telenovela La Rein del Sur, which was broadcast on Telemundo. Both were adapted from the novel “La Reina Del” by Spanish writer Arturo Perez-Reverte. This event is broadcast on the US network.

Queen of the South: plot

However, he did not realize the dangers that awaited him. He fell in love with a cartel member who was later killed. He then had to flee, and he again met his old colleagues in the United States to overthrow the leader who had persecuted him. Will Mendoza be able to fight his enemy?


Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza, a wealthy woman who builds a drug empire. Jon Michael Ecker as Raimundo, Teresa’s lover who is also a drug dealer.

Season updates

The show has four seasons so far which are broadcast on US networks. At the start of the first season we see Teresa fall in love with Raimundo while working as a money changer and her murder forces her to run away. He ended up in Dallas, Texas after breaking up with his girlfriend Brenda.

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However, in the last 4 seasons, Teresa went to New Orleans to expand her network. But as the final round rolls around, Teresa seems unable to back down as she becomes the undisputed leader of the drug cartel. The finals opened when Teresa reorganized her cartel after taking over operations of El Gordo. The show was renewed for a new season 5 in 2019, but production was postponed indefinitely due to the March 14 2020 pandemic.