queer eye season 6

Queer Eye is an American reality television series. David Collins is the creator of the show. The series released on February 7, 2018, on Netflix. 

The series is the resurrection of the show Queer Eye on Bravo Networks. Queer Eye is one of the most successful shows. It received critical acclaims from the experts. The first season of the show scored an approval rating of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Queer Eye apart from critical acclaims, won many prestigious awards. It is the winner of Primetime Emmy Awards (2018) for the ‘Outstanding Structured Reality Program’. Also Primetime Emmy Awards (2018) for ‘Outstanding Casting for a Reality Program’. Looking at the success of the show, the creators renewed the show for four more seasons. The latest fifth season of the series released on June 5, 2020. 

In this article, we will focus on the development of the sixth season of the show. Also, all the details of the show, ‘Queer Eye’.

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The show, Queer Eye follows the setting of the original show. The show features, the fab five. This team of five includes a wine and food expert, a fashion expert, a culture expert, a design expert, and a grooming expert. 

The fab five travel around and encourage the locals to enhance their dressing and social skills. The show aims at making people accept reality as it is. Also, the audience gets to learn about different cultures, different clothing styles, and different cuisines. The fab five take on different settings and try to give it a makeover, in their styles.

Season 6:

The show, Queer Eye is the revival of the original Bravo show, Queer Eye. The series follows similar settings. Queer Eye managed to gather popularity with time. It is one of the most successful reality shows of all time. The fifth season of the show concluded on June 5, 2020. 

The creators renewed the show for the sixth season. The sixth installment of the show is under production. There is no official date of the release of the sixth season.

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We are expecting the season six to come out in early 2021.


  • Antoni Porowski – food and wine extraordinaire
  • Tan France – fashion extraordinaire
  • Karamo Brown – culture and lifestyle extraordinaire
  • Bobby Berk – design extraordinaire
  • Jonathan Van Ness – grooming extraordinaire