Quibi Your Daily Horoscope

We don’t know for anybody else, but Will Arnett must be having great news in his horoscopes. The great news is that the animated show called “Your Daily Horoscope” is renewed or another season! This news is from the trusted source of “Variety” magazine. The show was on the short-form content platform called Quibi. So, Quibi has announced that Your Daily Horoscope will live to see another season. Not only that, the fans will be glad to hear that the platform has ordered another 26 week run of this animated show. For the ease of the fans, this will translate to another 130 new episodes.

What is the plot of the show?

The show called “Your Daily Horoscope” is produced by Will Arnett and Tom Werner. It is a series that airs daily to follow the happenings of twelve zodiac characters. These twelve animated characters all work together at a start-up and are friends. They all share their problems and troubles. All the zodiac characters possess a personality that is matching with the zodiac sign itself. The show is really light-hearted and it is a relief to watch when you want a break from life. The show is quite humorous and the audiences love it. It even got awarded an Emmy. There is no reason for the creators to deny this show another season and as expected the season of Your Daily Horoscope will surely happen.

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When will this show release?

The new season will supply the fans with five episodes each week. But the news of the renewal status is all there is for now. There is n official information about the release date of the animated series. The first season had come out in July. One can only hope that this marvelous show will be back with its unique blend of astrology, humor, and animation soon. The team of Your Daily Horoscope is delighted with the show’s success and Will Arnett has said that he is thrilled that Quibi has decided to bring back this show.