Raising Dion on Netflix season 2

‘The Raising Dion’ has proved one of ‘Netflix’s latest bingeable sci-fi offerings. Based on the comic book and quick movie of the same name through Dennis Liu, the collection follows unmarried mom Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) and son Dion (Ja’Siah Young) as they deal with the lack of Dion’s father, Mark (Michael B. Jordan). Netflix released the first season of Raising Dion in October, leaving us with some cliffhangers that cry out for the 2nd season. Here’s the entirety we pieced together about the destiny of the collection.

Raising Dion on Netflix season
Source: The Verge

Has Raising Dion been renewed for a 2nd season?

Not yet. It’s only been a few months for the reason that series ultimate in October, so the shortage of a Season 2 confirmation isn’t always a bad sign. Ultimately, Netflix renewals are a problem to the whims of viewership numbers and the platform’s algorithm. Raising Dion becomes for the maximum part undoubtedly received, so a renewal seems in all likelihood.

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When will Season 2 of Raising Dion top of the line?

Without renewal and production news, it’s difficult to make a dependable bet as to whilst we will get a 2nd season. That being said, most Netflix series stick to a 12 months or so between seasons, so past due 2020 would likely be the earliest we could expect Season 2 at this point.

What’s the plot of Season 2?

The Season 1 finale placed a pin in the Crooked Man’s pursuit of Dion and different supers after Nicole, Dion, and BIONA managed to fall apart ‘Pat’. However, the finale’s cliffhanger ending revealed that the stormy entity managed to own Brayden, the son of one of the superpowered men the Crooked Man had absorbed. That sets us up for a Season 2 war between Dion and Brayden, bringing the combat typically to the 2d era of fantastic kids.
The different big, remaining question worries the fates of individuals who had been absorbed by means of the Crooked Man, drastically Dion’s father, Mark.
During the Season 1 finale, we noticed his spirit briefly grow to be corporeal, permitting him to talk with Nicole and Dion earlier than fading away as soon as again. Mark isn’t quite alive, however, he’s not quite useless either- which means that his destiny is still up inside the air. We can probably assume a great quantity of Season 2 to be dedicated to bringing Mark and people who were absorbed with the aid of the Crooked Man (and whose spirits had been released at some point in his disintegration) back to life.