Ratched Season 2

Ratched is a brilliant thriller on Netflix, which is based on the novel by Ken Kesey. Anyone who has read “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” will be familiar with the name Mildred Ratched. The novel was published back in 1962 and now it has been adapted into a new psychological thriller. Evan Romansky and Ryan Murphy have created the show “Ratched” Paul Zaentz is the producer of the series.

What is the story about?

The series deals with the origin story of Mildred Ratched. She is an asylum nurse. At first, Mildred arrives in California in 1947 to look for a job. She finds employment in a disturbing psychiatric hospital where strange experiments have been taking place. Nurse Mildred cleverly presents herself as a sweet and dedicated nurse and hiding what she truly is like. Thus begins her journey of infiltration of the mental health system. The show makes the viewers realize that real evil is made not born.

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What about season 2 of Ratched?

Sarah Paulson tackles the role of Nurse Ratched and she has teased the fans about getting back to work on the second season of Ratched. She has shared with the press that the role is very interesting and that she would love to play it again. The Hollywood Reporter has stated that the series was approved for two seasons when it was signed on by Netflix. But given the current pandemic situation, season 2 might not be here soon. All the safety precautions do not make filming an easy task. Furthermore, playing Nurse Ratched is a difficult task as it is because the character if filled to the brim with such intense emotions.

Actress Sarah Paulson has confirmed her interest in the matter but she is going to wait until it is safer to come back to work. Until then fans will have to enjoy season 1 of “Ratched”. No official sources have stated when the production will start so season 2 is still far off. Ryan Murphy is also busy with a lot of projects so it is not wise to expect season 2 this soon.