Real-Life Partners & Family Of “Stranger Thing” Cast!!!

Stranger Things: The buzz around the real-life partners of the “Stranger Things” cast has always been there. Even though shipping the cast with their real-life partners is quite disheartening. But we still have to accept the fact and move on. Let’s see what we have in the basket. Stranger Things has 4 Seasons.

1. Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton

Dyer and Heaton’s off-screen connection is equally as strong as their on-screen connection. They’ve been dating for almost 2 years after encountering the setting of “Stranger Things”, and they’ve continued to maintain their romance incredibly quiet. To be honest, the fans were not surprised about their dating since their chemistry was quite prominent on the screen.

2. Millie Bobby Brown

The gorgeous actress, who portrays Eleven on the program, reportedly partnered Vine sensation Jacob Sartorious for a year beginning in 2017. Brown allegedly removed most traces of Sartorius from her Instagram account after their apparent separation.

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3.Winona Ryder

It is said that Winona has dated quite a few famous personalities in the past. As per the recent news, she has been seeing Scott McKinley Han, and both of them are nothing but a definite couple of goals. Scott has a company of environment-sustainable fashion. But there is no news of them being hitched any time soon.

4. Joe Kerry

With his overloaded cuteness on screen, fans must be jealous of his real-life partner. In fact, with such popularity, it is almost impossible to find time for personal life. But seems like he’s successful with that too. His long-time actress is Micah Monroe. It’s likely they met and there was no looking back. The duo started dating on the sets of “After Everything”, a comedy-drama. They were also spotted together during the Black Lives Matter movement.

5. Gaten Matarazzo

Just like his on-screen love, he’s got his off-screen love as well. Gaten has been dating Lizzy for almost 2 years now. And their Instagram is a full proof of their happy times. They have the potential to stay together for a longer time.

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6. Caleb Maclaughlin

Unfortunately, Caleb is not dating anyone currently. Quite happy news for his fans. But it’s not like he’s not open to any relationship. But time will only tell who is he going to date.