Reality Z Season 2

Reality Z is a Brazilian Horror Comedy TV series. It is written by Cláudio Torres and João Costa and directed by Rodrigo Monte. The first season was recently released on 10th June 2020, on Netflix worldwide.
Season 1 constitutes 10 episodes. The season has already gathered so much popularity, that the viewers are already demanding for a second season.
The series, Reality Z is based on British series ‘Dead Set’.


The story of Reality Z is based on “Dead Set”, released in 2008.
The reality show, “Olympus”, is very famous and popular. The show is somewhat like “Big Brother”.
The show is run by Brandão. Brandão cares about nothing other than his show’s TRP. He would do anything to keep the TRP of Olympus at the top.
During the show, Zombie Apocalypse breaks loose. But Brandão all wants is his TRP to be at the top. So he disregards every warning, due to which a Zombie enters the shooting zone of Olympus where the constants of the show are stuck.
This zombie starts infecting everyone at the Olympus house. One of the crew members, Nina manages to slip away and takes shelter in the Olympus house. Soon she is joined by Brandão. Nina tells the story of the zombies invading the planet, but the contestants do not believe in any word she says. As the contestants have no idea about the outer world.
The story of Reality Z is all about how they manage to survive during the zombie invasion. Also about their survival in a confined place with limited resources which are supposed to finish sooner or later.

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Season 2 already?

After the slashing and bloody ending of the first season, we can expect that season 2 should be released. Although there has been no official news from the makers, it is safe to assume that the second season will be released sometime in 2021.


Ana Hartmann as Nina
Ravel Andrade as Leo Schmidt
Guilherme Weber as Brand
Carla Ribas as Ana Schmidt
Emílio de Mello as Alberto Levi
Jesus Luz as Lucas
Luellem de Castro as Teresa
João Pedro Zappa as TK
Hanna Romanazzi as Jessica
Leandro Daniel as Augusto
Gabriel Canella as Marcos
Wallie Ruy as Madonna
Julia Ianina as Cristina
Natália Rosa as Veronica