Solo Leveling Season 2

At the start of the second season of Solo Leveling Manhwa, it was announced that Nagoya, Nakatsuya, Takayama, Nagano and Shizuoka had been restored. Inside the building, one of the reporters is shocked and wonders who will save these cities. He realized that he used to run into a strong hunter at the airport. This Hunter was different from the others. His strength was incomparable to other hunters and it was he who was responsible for saving these cities.
Meanwhile, Sun Jin-woo came to the conference and reporters were waiting for him. They greeted him with camera flashes and questions. These reporters understood when they talked about Sun Jin-Wu that he would not defeat a giant monster alone. He remembered when they tried to ask for backup while Sun Jin-wu stalled for time. The reporter also remembered telling Sun Jin-wu to take care of him when negotiating with other countries.

Self-Leveling Season 2 Chapter 136 Publish Date

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 136 will be released on Thursday, January 21, 2021. Updates and new chapters of the manga are available every Thursday. Solo Leveling Season 2, Chapter 135. 

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Recap Of Chapter 135

Sun Jin-wu refused, and the man asked why. She replied that she could solve everything on her own terms. Only Sun Jin-wu knew that he had tried to save people without being hindered by others, who could also hurt them. The reporter realized that he was wrong to doubt Sun Jin-wu, and he defeated the giant monster before they even knew it. The man believed that Jin Wu was now doing what he wanted.

Return to the present. Sun Jin Wu met another army of giant monsters whom he spoke to with his summons. He pinches them and tells them the former is the last. One of his subpoenas praised him and said that my king had defeated the others. When Yo Jin-ho was building a camp and Sun Jin-Wu told him to talk to the soldiers. He reveals that he will use his shadow exchange to look around while the soldiers prepare without him.

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S-rank dungeon break

Sun Jin-wu realized that he did not face any challenges in this fight, but had only just begun. Sun Jin-wu sent soldiers into the shadows all over Japan and helped kill the giants. As his shadow continued to burn the giant to ashes, he discovered whichever was greater. Sun Jin-wu concluded that he was sure they would be victorious. He realized that the giant couldn’t beat his shadow, which could be regenerated because the giant had run out of steam.

Sng Jin-Wo realized the problem was that there were more underground breakthroughs all over Japan. You can read the latest chapter of the second season of Solo Leveling from Kakao Page magazine. Since there is no official way to read this Manhwa / Mangaor site, we advise you to buy a magazine that supports its creator.