record of youth

K-dramas are very popular right now and everyone seems to be binging them. There are exciting new dramas that are going to be released this year and “Record of Youth” happens to be one of them. This show was also called “The Moment” in the early stages. The drama is directed by Ahn Gil-Ho. The viewers may recognize some of his other work such as Watcher, Mrs. Cop, or Rooftop Prince. Ha, Myung-Hee will serve as the writer.

The k-drama fans will be happy to welcome back Park BoGum on the screen. He is also a well-known name, who has starred in dramas like “Encounter” and “Reply 1988”. Even though he had to be enlisted for the military, he had completed the work of filming way before that. The show is a joint effort of production by Studio Dragon and Pan Entertainment. Record of Youth will be released on the TvN network but it will also be available on Netflix.

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When will the show be available?

Netflix is going to release “Record of Youth” later this year, 7th of September to be precise. The team working on the drama is a good sign of the upcoming success of the show. The scriptwriter Ha Myeong-hee is famous for creating sweet and heartwarming romances that don’t feel too unrealistic. Few examples of her work are “Temperature of Love”, “Doctors” and “High Society”. Studio Dragon is a reputed company established in 2016. It has a list of successes like “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”, “Signal”, “Legend of the Blue Sea”, etc. The drama will be broadcasted first in the TvN network and only then it will be available for Netflix viewers. In 2020, the company will be producing about 28 television programs.

The streaming giant Netflix has signed a partnership contract with the company which gave CJ ENM the right to sell an equity stake of 4.99% to Netflix. CJ ENM happens to be the parent company of Studio Dragon.

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What is the plot of the drama?

Not a lot is known at this point in time which is good in away. The show will feature an aspiring ambitious actor and a makeup artist. The viewers will also get to see a privileged young man who has to prove his worth through hard work.