Red Dot

Directed by Swedish director Alain Darborg (the slightly comedy thriller “The Master Plan”), Red Dot plays Anastasios Sulis and Nana Blondel as a couple trying to spice things up with snow camps in the Swedish hills. But when they arrive, something is wrong if exactly one red dot arrives. In particular, the red dot on the rifle’s laser sight aimed sharply at our partner for no apparent reason or purpose. As the bullets begin to fly, the two increasingly flee into the desert, trying their best to survive the next shot and solve the mystery behind this ghostly red dot.
Most of the high concept triplers listed above take place indoors and outdoors. The Red Dot stands out from the pile and places our poor character in the vast desert. This image feels like a basic survival thriller like the horror of the human nature of a cat and mouse. Netflix is branching out more and more internationally to bring content to us these days. If that strategy involves more acquisitions of quirky genre titles like Swedish Red Dot, you’d better believe I’ll continue to look at this Red N.

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Red Dot will arrive on Netflix on February 11, 2021.

Check out the official trailer Recap below.

David and Naja try to renew their relationship on a romantic tour of northern Sweden. The journey quickly turns into a nightmare when red laser dots appear on their tent and they are forced to flee to the relentless desert being chased by snipers. Anastasios Sulis and Nana Blondel played the lead roles in the film directed by Alain Darborg.
These are fun terms! In theory, it’s easy and relaxing at the same time. Sure, the red dot itself isn’t all that scary, but imagine if it came from a gun that was pointed directly at you and you really had nowhere to hide? That’s annoying.
Overall, I’m pretty sure I won’t see this. Why? Now that the couple has a very cute dog with them in the trailer, the dog is nowhere to be seen on the run. Which means the sniper probably killed the dog. That means I don’t have time for this film, sorry. This is the stubborn closure I have – I just can’t handle dogs crashing into the movies. Yes, I know it’s wrong No, I can barely blink when people stop on the screen. But if you kill a dog, you lose me. That’s my problem, I admit – it’s not the fault of the film. If you’re good at handling things like this, you should definitely check out Red Dot.

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When Naja becomes pregnant, they try to reconnect by traveling to northern Sweden for a sightseeing trip, but their romantic trip soon turns into a nightmare.
• Director
Alain Darborg


• Johannes Kunke
• Nana Blondel
• Anastasios Sulis
• Muston Christmas
• Tomasz Bergström

• Year / Country:
2021 / Sweden Sweden
• Original title:
Red dot
• Time Of Running
85 minutes
• Scenario writer
Alain Darborg, Per Dixon
• Producer
SF Studios (Distributor: Netflix)
• Genre
Thriller Film about the survival of the psychological thriller realm