RedmiBook 15 Pro First Impressions: Know Everything!!!

RedmiBook 15 Pro First Impressions: Know Everything!!!

RedmiBook 15 Pro: With the advent of work from home culture, the sale of laptops has increased over the past years. With competition on the peak, different companies are introducing their models at affordable rates. And in the race is also Xiaomi Redmi. These new laptops from Redmi, which rely on Redmi’s famous formula of a tempting specs sheet and cheap prices, are the first to be released in this competitive market climate.

With the RedmiBook 15 e-Learning version, Redmi does what it does finest, which is to achieve the lowest pricing feasible with the greatest specs it has to offer. A similar tale is told by the RedmiBook 15 Pro.

Price of RedmiBook 15 Pro:

Even though it costs Rs 50,000, the RedmiBook 15 Pro looks to have a lot going for it.

External Features of RedmiBook 15 Pro:

“Redmi” logo and the “Power Your Creativity” tag are the only intriguing parts of the laptop’s boring grey clamshell texture. In the interior, the monotony persists, although a closer glance reveals a few dark keys and display rims. Aside from the slick layout, it has a lot of room inside. You may rest your hands on the keypad. 

 As a price-range laptop, this is a welcome departure from the tiny 14-inch notebooks that have become the standard. For the sake of a minimalist design, Redmi did not include a separate Numpad but compensated by including a big trackpad. There are no cracks or abnormalities on the plastic body, which has been subjected to frequent WFH usage. There is a strong hinge, and the anti-glare display is big assistance in this regard.

Internal Features of RedmiBook 15 Pro:

The RedmiBook 15 Pro offers plenty of performance for a particular laptop. There’s a 4.4GHz Intel Core i5-11300H CPU inside, which is the 11th generation of Intel Core i5 processors. 

An Intel Iris Xe graphics card, 8GB of DDR4 RAM (non-expandable), and 512GB of M.2 SSD storage are included in the package as options. Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2019 are preinstalled on these laptops by Redmi.

Aside from the Iris Xe visuals, the RedmiBook 15 Pro isn’t meant for games or intensive photo/video processing. If you’re looking for greater performance for gaming/editing, buying an older model with a 10th Gen Core i5 and NVIDIA GTX 1050 for a bit more would sound right.

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