Release Date, Plot and Everything of ‘Chivalry of a Failed Knight’ Season 2!!!

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2: The ‘Chivalry of a Failed Knight,’ is based on a novel written by Riku Misora also known as Rakudai Kishi and Kyabaruii in Japanese, and directed by Won. It was soon converted to anime and released for the first time on October 3, 2015, to December 19, 2015. Fans loved the series, and since the end of the first installment, they were hoping for a second update. So, here’s all we know about renewal.

The plot of ‘Chivalry of a Failed Knight

The famous exhibition is about a dream world in which people have extraordinary and extraordinary abilities. But these unusual skills are not for everyone, and those who do have them are called ‘Blazers,’ according to the English Dub. These Blazers have the power to call weapons called ‘Devices,’ representing their souls. Since the Blazers are a rare breed, they are compared to the level of skills in martial arts and magic skills. Therefore, those who make it to the summit are the ones who gain respect and are henceforth known as the Knights.

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When Will Season 2 be Released?

The first season began airing on October 3, 2015, and ended on December 19, 2015, and featured 12 episodes in total. The first season was popular. After the popularity, a rumor spread that a new season coming. There were speculations about this new one coming in late 2017, with some saying its production should be completed by November 2018. However, it is 2021, and there is no further or new information about the second installment. Apart from all of this, there is one thing that puts our faith in the second installment to be real. And those are the official websites of Silver Link and Nexus which have indicated that ‘Special’ will be coming soon. Although this has been part of the program for a long time now, we can expect the release date sometime in 2021.

Expected Plot of Season 2

The second season will probably see Ikki and other representatives train for the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, which will compete against the Blazers of other schools. They will meet new opponents, including those of the Akatsuki, an organization that aims to be the strongest. Fans will see even more explosive battles – and perhaps even more progress between Ikka and Stella – as Ikka continues to expand its Blazer capability and prove its worthiness.

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