Rent A Girlfriend Season 2

Rent-A-Girlfriend’s first season finale recently premiered on September 26, 2020. Although the anime is highly rated by viewers, they are also wondering if it will have season 2. This is understandable given the number of great anime series and shows. canceled after a season or two.

About Rent-A-Girlfriend:

This is a manga series that was composed and organized by Reiji Miyajima. The original publication appeared in the Shonen Kodensha weekly on 17 July 2017. So far, 18 volumes with about 157 chapters have been published. Additionally, that year Miyajima released a manga that focused on Sumi, the hero of the series.

The story is about Kazuya Kinoshita, who is left behind by his girlfriend. He then hired a friend using an online dating app. The date actually lived up to his expectations. He later found out that his girlfriend Chizuru was much meaner. After her grandmother was hospitalized, she took Chizuru to visit. The situation becomes imaginary when he starts hiring Chizuru to meet his friends and family. Other girls later became part of the story too.

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Why Must There Be A Second Season?

The anime adaptation of the series, which was tested on July 11, 2020, is the second most popular series, beaten only by Fire Force. You can see the first season on Crunchyroll and Netflix Japan. Immediately after the final premiere of season one, production studio TMS Entertainment officially announced that they were working on season two. Of the 157 chapters in the ongoing manga, the first season has almost reached chapter 50. With a lot of material, the studio can cover the second season and even the third season as there are a lot of chapters to handle if the studio stays true to the original. work. However, it looks like they stayed that way for the first season.

Anticipated Release Date:

Crunchyroll gave us a teaser this September confirming that Rent-A-Girlfriend’s second season is on its way. Although there is no official date yet we can see it. However, we can expect a second season in the summer of 2021 or later. Until then, you can watch the first season or follow the manga if you want.