Resident Evil 8

If you like spine-chilling, horror adventure games, then you should consider playing the Resident Evil series.

Resident Evil is a Japanese horror franchise. Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara are the creators of the Resident Evil Title. 

Resident Evil 8
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The game Resident Evil hit the market in 1996. Since then there have been numerous spin-offs of the title. Ranging from video games to full feature-length movies.

Resident Evil is one of the most successful games ever produced by Capcom. The game has been also an inspiration for many zombie-related games like The House of the Dead.


The gameplay of Resident Evil evolved with time. In the game, the player gets to control different characters who are the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. 

The game is full of puzzles that the player has to solve to advance to the next scene. Numerous jump scenes create a sense of horror in the players.

The players also have to overcome zombies with abilities. These special zombies are more aggressive and harder to kill.

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The player can choose from a variety of weapons to kill the zombies and also get to collect tools to resolve the puzzles.

Apart from puzzles and challenges, the game is also full of action, gore, and adventure. This makes it appealing to almost every section of the videogame lovers.

Is it coming to PlayStation 5?

Resident Evil 8 can prove to be a strong point for the sale of PS 5.

The game was showcased in the PlayStation 5 event that went live on June 11, 2020. Along with its availability in PS 5, the game will be available for next-generation PCs too.

Since the gamers worldwide have loved the Resident Evil series, Sony decided to launch its upcoming PS 5 bundled with Resident Evil 8.

Although, PS 5 will be running some of the titles from its predecessor, PS 4, what better than getting a game dedicated to PS 5!

Resident Evil 8 will be a VR game, for a change. The eighth segment of the game is releasing with the title, Resident Evil Village. 

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The game will be releasing in the launch window of 2021.