Ridley Jones Season 1: Release Date, Plot, and Other Details!

Ridley Jones Season 1: Netflix has outdone again with its animated series for preschoolers, putting the limelight on female leads and non-binary representation. The show will reach the audience in July and the trailer has reached a million views.

Ridley Jones” will especially be special since it will not only have LGBTQIA+ representation, but also will teach about unity, respecting differences, and celebrating diversity.

Ridley Jones Season 1:

Ridley Jones features Ridley, a six-year-old girl who resides in a treehouse inside a museum with her mother and grandmother, where the artifacts are brought to life at night. The series is one of the first significant projects from Chris Nee, who signed an overall agreement with Netflix in late 2018.

The first initial episodes have already been released on Youtube. The first episode aired on 8th June 2021. The first episode had just exceeded 10,000 views at the time of publication, but this figure is expected to skyrocket once the mysterious kid’s YouTube algorithm places it in the loop.

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Season 1’s complete set of episodes will be available on Netflix on July 16th, 2021. For more information on Ridley Jones stay tuned to webbiesworld.com

Ridley Jones Creator Chris Nee:

The creator duly said at an interview about the new Netflix show,

“This was the show which I added first on Netflix. I really wanted to produce a series in which a female played the action-adventure star I always wanted to see as a kid. This setting, like so many of my shows, is a wonderful canvas for me to construct a community of quirky people and model what it means to care for one another, even if you aren’t from the same age or wing of the museum. Ridley Jones is a fitting successor to Doc McStuffins and Vampirina, with music, humor, passion, and a genuine heroine’s narrative.”

Voiceovers of Ridley Jones:

The following group did the voiceovers of the characters of “Ridley Jones”:

  • Iara Nemirovsky for Ridley Jones.
  • Laraine Newman for Peaches.
  • David Errigo Jr. for Dudley.
  • Tyler Shamy for Dante.
  • Ezra Menas for Fred.
  • Ashlyn Madden for Ismat.
  • Sutton Foster for Mama Jones.
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