Rising of The Shield Hero

The source of most anime is a light novel and this anime is no exception to that rule. “The Rising Of The Shield Hero” is based on a light novel series of the same name. it is written by Aneko Yusagi. Aiya Kyu was responsible for the adaptation of this novel into a manga. Kinema Citrus has produced the anime series. “Rising Of The Shield Hero” is directed by Takao Abo. Keigo Koyanagi has written the script. Kevin Penkin is responsible for the music. The show made its debut on 9Th January 2019.

What is the story about?

The show is concerned with a Japanese youth called Naofumi Iwatani. Some people, along with him were summoned so that they can become the Cardinal Hero’s. The function of these heroes is that they have to battle the monsters called Waves. Curiously, each of those men was given some sort of an offensive weapon like a spear or a bow. But Naofumi was the only one to receive the Legendary Shield. But bad luck doesn’t end there. Naofumi’s companion, the Princess, betrays him and steals all his belongings. She even strips him of all possible assistance. Moreover, she brings on false charges of sexual assault.

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As a result, Naofumi turns into a cynical man and he is forced to go through his training alone. The show follows his journey as he progresses on the path of being a hero. Later on, Naofumi finds faithful companions by his side and they set off to solve the mystery of the monsters named Waves. The series has had considerable success. IMDB gave a rating of 8.1. It is no wonder that fans are impatient for season 2, they have certainly been waiting for a long time.

What about season 2?

There is no anxiety about the renewal of the show, so the fans don’t have to worry about that. The show was renewed for two more seasons way back in 2019 at the time of its initial release. Nobody knows much about the plot of the second season of “Rising Of The Shield Hero”. Although, rumor says that the second season will be based on the 12th volume of the series. There is no official date of release yet.