Roadkill 10th Season

MotorTrend’s most-watched series “Roadkill” is back for season 10 on the MotorTrend app. Since its debut on YouTube in 2011, the series has reached tens of millions of viewers on the streaming service and on the television network MotorTrend.

Nothing says driving in winter is fun like carrying 24 feet of bottomless rusty litter from Fargo, North Dakota to warmer climates and Nebraska filth! New episodes of ROADKILL premiere every month on the MotorTrend app until December 2021.

(Los Angeles) – MotorTrend’s most-watched streaming series, ROADKILL, returns to the MotorTrend app and celebrates its tenth season with hosts David Freiburger and Mike Finegan, bringing more motorized chaos to the streets. Since debuting on YouTube in 2011, ROADKILL has reached tens of millions of viewers on the streaming service and television network MotorTrend and has spawned a number of well-known fans including
“ROADKILL is like no other car series,” said Mike Suggett, director of programming and development for MotorTrend Group. Doing this for nine seasons with a tenth looks totally unique. We can’t wait to see how much fun the guys are. Still have a limited budget and unlimited creativity.

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Each episode of ROADKILL reveals that David Freiburger and Mike Finegan wish strange things about horrible cars, adopt enormous challenges and proceed their love-hate friendship with heated stakes, “barely legal” road cars, and other heavily loaded vehicles. Now in season ten, the dynamic duo are looking for adventures with gears that give them more power, more action and roadside fears as they improve on some of their favorite ROADKILL classics and add some new additions to their fleet. everything to ensure that no automotive challenge is overly considered.
In addition, the MotorTrend app offers over 8,000 episodes and more than 3,600 hours of the world’s leading automotive series and promotions, including the most complete collection of classic TOP GEAR (more than 200 episodes and promotions for seasons 1 to 27), the latest TOP GEAR AMERICA and NASCAR 2020: UNDER PRESSURE and every season with SPEED RACER, BIKE DEALERS, ROADKILL, FAST N ‘LOUD, BITCHIN’ RIDES, EISENRESURCTION, TEXAS METAL and many more.

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ROADKILL is produced by MotorTrend Studios with executive producer Dustin Gould. Mike Suggett is Head of Programming and Development, and Alex Whelen is Global President and General Manager of the MotorTrend Group.