Rust Valley Restorers Season 3

Mayhem Entertainment and Corus Entertainment have produced a documentary series called Rust Valley Restorers for the “History” channel. The show was also shown on D’Tour, a Canadian English television channel. There are 2 seasons of the show till now. Rust Valley Restorers made its debut on 6th December 2018. This automobile themed show is a favorite of many.

What is the plot about?

The foothills of the Rockey Mountains, located in western North America, boasts of having the most unique car community in the world. “Rust Valley” consists of thousands of abandoned cars. The show focuses on the amazing restoration shop run by a group of spirited people. They are capable of converting rusty junkyard material into collectible car treasures.

Netflix made sure this interesting show was open to the global audience. As soon as the international viewers got a hold of it, the show had a massive increase in popularity. The second season of the series came out in May of 2020.

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When will the third season release?

The second season has come out this year with six episodes. Before the release on Netflix, the people in Canada got to see it on the History channel on 21st November 2019. Interestingly, the show had twelve episodes in the second season when Canada viewers got to watch it. So, the difference of six episodes will be premiere on Netflix at a later date. And these remaining six episodes will serve as season 3 on the streaming platform. This serves as sufficient reassurance for the fans! There is no need to wait anxiously for the news of renewal anymore. If we had to guess, we would say that the third season will come out in August of this year.
Make way for the excellent car entrepreneurs! They will not disappoint you.

Who will be in the show?

The previous members of the cast will make a return. The show will not be the same without all of the expert team on screen.
• Michael Hall
• Avery Shoaf
• Conner Charman-Hall
• Sarah Ward
• Cassidy Mceown

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