Scissor Seven Season 3

Scissor Seven is a unique animated series and it is one of the most interesting series on Netflix right now. It is originally a Chinese animated series and it is also known as “killer 7” in China. With the numerous numbers of anime shows that are becoming popular nowadays, the genre can be found as lacking luster but thankfully Scissor Seven is not boring. It has adult humor and the silly sex jokes made the audience laugh right from the start. The first season of this series was released back in January 2020. The second season reached our screens on April 7th on Netflix. But fans are hoping for the series to continue. This hand-drawn comedy is directed by He Xiaofen. The show presents the viewers with a compelling plotline. Anime lovers should give it a watch.

What is the plot of Scissor Seven?

The protagonist of the show is called Seven. He is afflicted with amnesia and wants to get back his memories. But this will require an expensive medical procedure. This leads him to want to become a hired assassin. He runs a food stall in the streets of Chicken Island at the beginning. Dai Bo trains him as a killer and also gives him a job at a salon. But as it turns out, Seven is terrible at his job as an assassin. The viewers are left to wonder what lies in Seven’s forgotten memories. The show has become so popular, the hopes for another season might be justifiable.

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What about Season 3?

Netflix has not officially announced the show’s renewal but, likely, it will soon.

When will Season 3 get here?

Well, judging from the gap between season 1 and 2, fans expect the next season to release by the end of this year. But the lockdown should also be factored in our expectations. Given that, the third season won’t be released until next year.

What could be the plot?

Scissor Seven is kind of an unpredictable show so it is useless to guess about the plot of the upcoming season. The end of season 2 showed that Seven had plans for killing the chief of a killer league. He was also preparing to leave the island. The bounty on Seven’s head could lead to some interesting plot points in the next season. Fans can expect some epic battles in the future of Scissor Seven!