Scoob 2

Scoob 2

Scoob! Scoob! Pronounced the birth of a common universe of 3D-animated Hanna-Barbera, but what about Scoob 2? Scoob! Scoob! 15 May 2020 as said to be the initial date of the release. However, the successful Trolls World Tour and the COVID-19 pandemic obliged it to move to a VOD release on the same date. 

The film is the first full-fledged 3D Scooby-Doo adaptation to celebrate the vast library of characters from classical cartoons of Hanna Barbera, laying the foundation for a large franchise with a chance to produce future sequences, spinoffs, and ensemble films similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in particular.

Spoiler’s ahead, so now look away if you haven’t yet seen the film.

Scoob! The Blue Falco gang Mystery Inc. sees Dick Dastardly stopping opening the underworld to rescues his dog Muttley (well, the son of the original Blue Falco), and releases the Ghost Dog Cerberus on Earth. Yeah, for Scooby, Shaggy, and co, it’s a world away from a man in ghost suits.

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When he tried to rob the underworld’s rich, Dick Dastardly unwittingly trapped Muttley in the underworld. Scooby needs to open the door because he’s obviously the last offspring of Alexander the Great’s dog. He uses Scooby to open the world door, meet Muttley, take some treasure, and release Cerberus. Finally, the Mystery Inc gang puts Cerberus in the underworld. Soon, the duo may have to be separated for good. And finally, Dick and Muttley are arrested using Dick’s robots – the adorable Rottens.

Scoob 2 updates!

If SCOOB gets a traditional follow-up or one of those characters gets to see their own film. Because of the current global circumstances, it is harder to determine if Warner Bros has had sufficient success to confirm that there is a sequence because we have no box office numbers. Since production is affected globally, it is difficult to do is to expect a follow-up, if it is confirmed. The large crew still needs to create the animations even if they do not need not be shot. 

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Scoob! HBO Max released in the U.S. Its streaming popularity and video-on-demand purchases will determine whether there’s a sequence. It would be a pity if this had not been done anyway since the groundwork for the common universe of Hanna-Barbera had been laid.

Where can you stream the film?

You can stream Scoob on Prime Video, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Sky Store, and all other major video-on-demand services.