SEAL Team Season 4

Benjamin Cavell has created an American drama series named SEAL team. CBS Television Studios has produced it. It was first aired on 27th September 2017. The show keeps the audience at the edge of their seats and we have three seasons till now. The viewers are hoping for the next season soon. The critics also thought the series had potential. Here’s what we know for now.

What is the plot?

The show features a group of people in the Bravo Team (aptly named). It is a subunit of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group or DEVGRU, which happens to be the most elite team of Navy seals. We get to see the members undertake some of the most dangerous missions while maintaining a low profile. It is quite thrilling to watch them plan and execute their missions. The show explores how their professional lives impact their families.

Will there be another season?

It is confirmed that the series will have another season. Sources say the permission for next season was given in May 2020. This news has pleased AJ Buckley, as he expressed his gratitude through Twitter. The whole cast is proud of the show and the renewal pleased everybody. Work on season 4 of the show has already started. But the filming of the series will be tricky due to the coronavirus. It will require an earnest effort from the cast and crew to make the next season happen as soon as possible.
COVID-19 has changed all expectations for the future. It seems that given current circumstances, the new season cannot be released before the first quarter of 2021. The date is release will obviously depend on the start of filming. Unfortunately, there is no news yet.

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What can you expect?

The new season might devote a lot of time to Cerberus, The Dog. There is likely to be a depiction of the psychological bond between the dog and Jason. The plot will also show the consequences of the relationship between Jason and Mandy. Nothing is known for certain, the viewers must wait to see what happens themselves!

The cast

• David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes
• Max Thieriot as Clay Spenser
• Jessica Paré as Mandy Ellis
• Neil Brown Jr. as Ray Perry
• AJ Buckley as Sonny Quinn
• Toni Trucks as Lisa Davis
Judd Lormand as Eric Blackburn