This is a Japanese anime that was first aired on 30th July 2017. It has up to 2 seasons till now. This web anime has been created by Pie in the Sky. In English, the name of the show can be translated to “Do Your Absolute Best! Magical Girl Kurumi”. This show is a somewhat strange comedy about three middle school boys. They themselves have no magical powers but their classmate Kurumi does. They build up a steady commentary on Kurumi’s magical antics as she tries to battle against the evil forces. This is quite a short anime of you judge it relatively as it only has 2 parts. But the story will be continued because a third season will be here soon!

When will the third season release?

The third part of SeizeiGanbareMahouShoujo Kurumi will be coming out in the month of October of this year. The new season will be available on YouTube. Keisuke Matsumoto has written and directed this anime. The official sources have declared that the new season will come out on 7th October and it will premiere on BS11 TV channel. But, fortunately, the fans will also get to access the new episodes on YouTube. But that schedule is not fixed yet. All the fans of Kurumi must be glad to receive good news about its return. It has quite an interesting perspective. The magical show can have such a different narrative when the events are told from the viewpoint of an outsider. The viewers get to see the ridiculousness clearly.

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Because of this unique perspective, the anime has done well. Season 1 had managed to be successful enough for another season to be made and now, the third season is well on its way. But every review cannot be good. Some viewers dislike the episodes stating that it can be too edgy at times. They also think that excessive blood and “chunni” moments can be a bit much.

What more is known about it?

The official website has already shown the character designs, cast and theme music to be used in the new season. The series is popular not because of its superior animation but for its sarcastic gags. The fans are waiting eagerly for the new Installment.