Sex Education

Laurie Nunn has created a comedy-drama series called sex education. It premiered on 11th January 2019. This immensely successful series had managed to get 40 million viewers in the first season only. The second season came out on 17th January 2020. We have 16 episodes in total till now Jamie Campbell and Ben Taylor are the executive producers while Jon Jennings serves as the producer of the show. This British comedy became an instant hit with the viewers and almost everyone wants the show to return. The first season had great reviews, almost 91% of all reviews were positive.

This show is not only bawdy but it is also wise. Even adults could take something away from this story of teenagers and their sexual misadventures. While a sense of escapism is present in Sex Education, it doesn’t go overboard. Sex Education is also realistic to some degree and the talented cast has performed excellently. The most refreshing aspect of this show is that is doesn’t treat sex as something as a problem or an issue to be dealt with, it is only another aspect of health.

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What is the story about?

The show revolves around an insecure teenager called Otis, whose mother happens to be a sex therapist. This is a tad bit ironic because Otis has been quite ambivalent about sex. When Otis helps a student who has sexual performance anxiety, he discovers that he might just pull off setting up a sex advice business. Maeve, a fellow student, gave him the idea and they set up a sex clinic together. The second season follows Otis and his new relationship with Ola. The school also faces an outbreak of Chlamydia, and the show deals with that struggle.

When will season 3 come out?

The network has confirmed that there will be another season of Sex Education so fans will not have to say goodbye to Otis just yet. The news of renewal was announced through a video done by a member of the cast of sex education. The strong point of this series is that it tries to normalize the very real and awkward moments which every person faces. That is what resonates with the audience. If the show follows its release pattern, we will get the new season in January 2021.
Who will be in the cast?
• Asa Butterfield as Otis
• Emma Mackey as Maeve
• NcutiGatwa as Eric
• Alistair Petrie as Headmaster Groff