Sexy Beasts Season 1: Release Date, Plot and Details!!!

Sexy Beasts Season 1: Sexy Beasts” might be yet another reality dating show, but it’s not just some ordinary dating show. It has got it’s own twists and turns. The participants literally wear funky animal costumes to go on dates. Yes, its true. Till show, the trailer has received mixed reviews from the viewers.

Sexy Beasts Season 1:

To put it simply, this hilariously strange new programme is basically a dating series in which each person goes on dates while dressed in Hollywood-level makeup and costumes. The goal is to see if these competitors can fall in love purely based on a person’s personal characteristics. Only when a suitor meets their match can they both disclose what they really look like to one other.

LiveTV produced the series.

Release Date of Sexy Beasts:

The show will be released on the OTT platform Netflix on July 21, 2021. This season is anticipated to consist 12 episodes in total. The episodes are expected to be light and breezy and definitely a fun treat.

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Participants of Sexy Beasts:

The trailer was smart enough to not show the real faces yet. It just showed the people wearing animal masks and going on dates. But we expect that as the show progresses, they will definitely disclose the names.

Will there be any second season of Sexy Beasts?

There is no official announcements as of yet but it is expected that the show will get another season at the end of this year only. Stay tuned to for information like that.