Shazam 2

Surely, the most popular character in DC comics is not Shazam. Superheroes like Batman and Superman are better known but David F. Sandberg’s film was not a total disappointment in 2019. It was a great big hit, even though it might have come as a surprise to some. The movie had impressed its audience by the sweet and unique origin story. And as a result of the popularity of that movie, the fans want another installment. They are eagerly waiting for a sequel.

Will Shazam 2 ever be made?

Fans do not have to panic about the abandonment of the movie. There is good news. The second installment is already being developed and the creators have decided on a name too. Shazam 2 is officially called “Shazam! Fury of the Gods”. Read the rest of this article to find more details!

When will the second part be released?

The DC Universe has not been idle. After the bad reviews of the Justice League by Zack Shyder, the DC universe has a lot of things coming our way. In the next few years, a lot of new content is headed towards the fans. Some examples are Black Adam and Flash as well as Aquaman 2. Shazam 2 might come out after all of these are released.  It is too early to say the exact date of release of the second installment. Anything is possible in the time in between. But, most probably, the release date for Shazam! 2 will be released on the 4th of November in 2022.

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What is the news on production?

There are no official statements about the start of the status of the production work of Shazam! 2. So it is a bit difficult to comment on it. Before COVID 19 changed all our plans, Zachary Levi had made a statement about the production of the film. He had said that the work should begin from the summer or late spring of 2020. But back then nobody could have anticipated the upcoming pandemic. But even if the date of 4th November 2022 is considered to be final, the production team still has a lot of time to get it completed.