Shrill is a show which is inspired by a novel called “Shrill: Notes from a loud woman”. It was written by Lindy West and was published back in 2016. The show “Shrill” made its debut on Hulu on 15th March 2019. The first season was successful enough for the network to renew the show. Shrill had a second season which came out on 24th January 2020. It has two seasons till now with a total of 14 episodes. Each episode stretches for about 24 to 30 minutes. The series is produced by Dannah Shinder.

The show has enjoyed great success and it holds an approval rating of 91% in Rotten Tomatoes. The critics all agree that the show is good at portraying the life of an overweight woman in the real world. It is redundant to say that the show is only aiming for body positivity. Shrill seems to set fat acceptance as its goal. The cast of Shrill is also brilliant, it is a pleasure to see them perform. But not all are positive responses. Robyn Bahr didn’t say anything positive about the show, stating that Shrillwas not as sharp as it was meant to be.

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When will season 3 come out?

There is no specific release date yet for Shrill season 3. But according to reports, season 3 will have eight episodes. Season 2 also has eight episodes while the first installment had only six episodes. Obviously, the filming process is halted because of the coronavirus pandemic.

What is the show about?

Shrill features an overweight young woman called Annie. She wants to change her life but not her body weight. She tries to manage her life trying to maintain bad boyfriends and a taxing job at the same time. Among all her problems, society doesn’t consider her good enough just because of her weight. But Annie does not give up and realizes that her worth is not trapped by her body weight.

Who is in the cast?

Aidy Bryant as Annie Easton

Lolly Adefope as Fran

Luka Jones as Ryan

John Cameron Mitchell as Gabe Parrish