Siesta Key Season 4

Siesta Key is an American Reality TV show. Mark Ford and Warren Skeels are the creators of the show. The show is the adaptation of  Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County released in 2000. The show released on MTV on July 31, 2017. It somehow could not manage to capture the attention of the audience. The show faced many controversies over time. This somehow affected the overall ratings of the show.

Siesta Key managed to score a good benchmark initially. But, with the controversies and allegations the participant faced, the ratings went down to a low 4.5/10 on IMDb. One of the stars of the show, Alex Kompothecras came into the limelight. He got himself in the act of animal cruelty and racism. This hampered the image of the show.

Siesta Key Plot:

The show features the ordinary dating lifestyle of rich people. In Siesta Key, eight young characters, come together to spend their summer in a town of Gulf Coast. These characters live together for some time. This instigates the fights and love stories amongst the some. There is nothing off-limits for them. This sometimes turns into very ugly fights.

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The show follows the very common paradigm of bringing young people together. There is nothing new in the show, just the same love stories, and rivalries. Siesta Keys follows their lifestyles, their choices, and their problems. This can appeal to a certain genre of the audience, but not to all.

Siesta Keys Season 4 Updates:

Siesta Keys started with a very promising note. Till the second season, the show managed to gather a good amount of viewership. But after Alex Kompothecras came in the controversies, the popularity of the show got hampered. Anyhow, the creators, released the third season of the show on January 7, 2020. The third installment is still not complete. Since the pandemic affected the airing of the third season, the creators have not yet announced another season.

The chances of Season 4 look bleak.

Siesta Keys Cast:

  • Juliette Porter
  • Alex Kompothecras 
  • Madison Hausburg
  • Brandon Gomes
  • Kelsey Owens
  • Garrett Miller
  • Chloe Trautman
  • Pauly Apostolides 
  • Amanda Miller 
  • Paige Hausburg 
  • Tarik Jenkins 
  • Carson Wall
  • Hannah Starr 
  • Canvas Brummel 
  • Cara Geswelli 
  • Jared Kelderman 
  • Robby Hayes 
  • Alyssa Salerno