Siesta Key Season 4

Siesta Key is an American reality show on MTV, inspired by the 2000 series “Laguna Beach.” The premise is simple. We follow a group of friends and their lives and relationships are the staple food for the show. Siesta Key has been renewed for the new modern audience, but audiences have to wonder if the show is the line between reality and the script is blurry. Maybe the show falls into a gray area. , but let’s see how “Siesta Key” crosses the line between reality and reality TV.

Is Siesta Key Scripted or Real?

Since “Siesta Key” is a reality show, some flaws and changes that have made the series more glamorous are to be expected. Even though the people on the show were real, some of the situations they were in were somewhat exaggerated. Participants were asked to repeat the scene in front of the camera. Redditor said a local reporter in Sarasota noticed a conversation between Chloe and Juliet at a restaurant that had been overwritten by too many people on stage during filming.

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Redditor, who shared information on the re-recording, commented, “However, I think it falls into the script reality category, which means that part of it is their real life being filmed. Producers can get the main cast in it to re-record something at the moment. they need it, to create stunning images and storylines that attract them. It is also evident that the story was written for them by, or perhaps in collaboration with, someone else.

According to an interview with the Sarasota-Herald Tribune, Chloe said the show was filmed while on a date with friends. This confirms the area of Alex’s father’s films that record the lives of rich kids. That way, the cast got to know each other before filming began. However, producer Mark Ford said they had creative ideas, including new recruits to click Alex.

However, Mark explained that they upped the ante and then got into character. The participants were dramatic and engaging enough to act the same way even when the camera was not there. Cosmopolitan interviewed Katie, a resident of Sarasota who shared her views on the show, and said, “I think part of that was written down. We have friends – reputable sources – who know the siblings and have spoken to certain cast members and … the production has to reverse it. several things. “”
Therefore, Siesta Key looks as real as most television. You need to be in control of everything because the producer deliberately edited and stepped in to make sure the drama ratio was high and the audience was engaging.