Sky Castle Season 2

 Sky Castle is a South Korean drama and black comedy television series. Jo Hyun-Tak is the director of the show. Sky Castle released on November 23, 2018, on JTBC. It became an instant hit on the release. Sky Castle is the second-highest rated Korean drama show. The show is the recipient of many awards. It won four awards at the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards. Sky Castle managed to gather an impressive cult fan base. The critics rated the show with the highest of the reviews. 

The first season of the show commenced on February 1, 2019. Since then, everyone is anticipating for the second season of the show. Here we will discuss the fate of the second season amidst the COVID-19 pandemic scenario. We bring to you the recent updates about the second season of the show.

Sky Castle Plot:

The show is the satirical approach towards the luxurious and materialistic driven Korean families. It also shows how these rich people do not care about the other person’s life when it comes to the success of their family.  SKY Castle is a residential area in suburban Seoul. Mostly rich doctors, professors, and influential people live in the SKY Castle area. Each family competes for power and success amongst each other.  

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Han Seo-jin is one of the rich mothers of society. She wants her daughter, Kang Ye-Seo to go to Seoul National Medical University. Han hires a co-ordinator, Kim Joo-young to help her daughter in getting into the college. However, Han Seo-Jin hides her past from everyone. Her father was poor, who used to sell oxblood.

Soon incidents tangle the future of the residents of Sky Castle.

Sky Castle Season 2:

The show is one of the top-grossing Korean drama series. The first season of the show commenced on February 1, 2019. Since then, the creators have not announced the renewal of the second season. However, we can expect the second season to release sometime in 2021.

Sky Caste Cast:

  • Yum Jung- Ah as Han Seo- Jin
  • Jung Joon- ho as Kang Joon- sang
  • Kim Hye- Yoon as Kang Ye- Seo
  • Lee Ji- Won as Kang Ye- Bin
  • Lee Tae- Ran as Lee Soo- Im
  • Choi Won- Young as Hwang Chi-Young
  • Kang Chan- Hee as Hwang Woo- Joo
  • Yoon Se- Ah as No Seung- Hye
  • Kim Byung- Chul as Cha Min-Hyuk
  • Park Yoo- Na as Cha Se- Ri
  • Kim Dong- Hee as Cha Seo- Joon
  • Joe Byeong- Gyu as Cha Ki- Joon
  • Oh Na- Ra as Jin Jin- Hee
  • Jo Jae- Yun as Woo Yang- Woo
  • Yu Gene- Woo as Woo Soo- Haan
  • Kim Seo- Hyung as Kim Joo- Young
  • Lee Hyun- Jin as Teacher Jo