So Much Love To Give

So Much Love To Give is also known as “Corazon Loco”. This is a Netflix comedy which might give the audience a slight vibe of “The Other Woman”. The Argentinian comedy follows the life of Fernando Ferro. He is trying to handle upholding two homes at the same time. He has to come to terms with his dual life when his two families get to know about each other. This upcoming movie will definitely not bore you.

When will the “So Much Love Give” release?

The upcoming movie will be released on 9th September 2020.

What is the plot of the movie?

The movie is centered on a seemingly happy guy called Fernando Ferro. He is a traumatologist who has a perfect life. He lives with a family that loves him and has a respectable job. Saying that he was a wonderful life might be a bit misleading because he actually leads a dual life. His weeks are divided between Paula and Vera. He claims to love them both madly. He does all he can for both of his families, but the illusion cannot last long. One fateful day, both of his families find out about each other.

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Who are in the cast of the movie?

Soeldad Villamil plays the role of Vera.

Adrian Suar plays Fernando Ferro

Gabriela Toscano plays the role of Paula

Some of the other cast members include Dario Barassi, Betiana Blum, Alan Sabbagh, and Magela Zanotta.