So Not Worth It Season 1

As for a beautiful love story with a predictable but compelling climax, nothing can beat Korean dramas. So it’s not worth it, season 1 is one of those kdrama that is likely to captivate you with an interesting love story. Seeing this pop culture diet starring beautiful Korean actors is a blessing to our eyes.

With lots of characters, So Not Worth It season 1 is coming to Netflix soon. Since the show can be presented with different characters, we can expect that the plot will be extensive unlike other kdrama. Also recognized by Kdrama fans as “I want the world to end tomorrow,” it’s about young college students living in a dorm who demonstrate their adventures. See the next section for information on the release date of this South Korean drama.

The South Korean sitcom, So Not Worth It season 1, is slated for release in 2021. We currently don’t have an exact release date as the producers haven’t confirmed this. However, Netflix has said it will definitely cancel the first season of So Not Worth It, aka “I want the world to end tomorrow,” sometime in 2021. It’s nothing compared to its first season.

The world’s leading streaming platform Netflix announced the broadcast of the program at the end of October 2020. Since the news was released, the social media platform has been inundated with Kdrama fans. This explains why So Not Worth It season 1 is one of the most anticipated shows today. Until then, we will wait for the official announcement from Netflix.

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What can you expect from So Not Worth It season 1?

Most kdramas are known for featuring authentic romantic stories, and the first season of So Not Worth It is no exception. It will be woven around the youth of the international boarding school. They face various challenges in their residence and fight with each other. But in the end find a way out of all the problems.

So Not Worth It season 1 – Another Drama on Netflix

What distinguishes this kdrama from other kdrama is its unique plot. As previously mentioned there will be more than two characters, we will look at the backgrounds of all the characters who play here. And their stories will be interwoven with other people’s stories. That way, the show promises to hold the audience down and you won’t feel it anytime.

For all the young people who have lost their way into friendships and are looking for an extraordinary romantic story with a little comedy to restore their faith in friendship, So Not Worth It Season 1 is for you.

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So Not Worth It season 1: cast

Check out the cast of this kdrama and find out what roles they will be playing!
• Park Se-Wan as Se-Wan
• Shin Hyun-Seung as Jamie
• Choi Young-Jae as Sam
• Minnie as Minnie
• Han Hyun-Min as Hyun-Min